Tips to taking care of suede and nubuck leather

The perfect-looking suede or nubuck leather shoes are not a myth. Despite their specific look and type, cleaning and replenishing the suede and nubuck leather shoes is a fast and easy task. It is necessary to select the product of your preference - nubuck spray or liquid renovator.

The first step is cleaning the shoes by brushing them using the specially designed nubuck leather sponge or brush. Treating the surface using one of the two products would help you eliminate the dust, old stains and fibers as well as to “ruffle” the nubuck or suede leather. Thus you help the product to be applied after to penetrate evenly and in-depth to achieve the perfect result sought.

After the cleaning step, it is time to polish and replenish the shoes using the product of your choice - either a spray or a liquid renovator.

Should you select spray:

Go out in an open air and shake the spray bottle well. Spray the shoes from a distance of about 20 cm with even moves of your hand. Do not spray a single area of the shoe continuously to avoid formation of different color shades.

Having evenly sprayed the entire shoe surface, allow it to dry.

The final step is using again the special suede and nubuck brush or sponge. Delicately “ruffle” the suede or nubuck leather again, to achieve a fresh and new look.

Voilà!  You have just got perfect shoes!


Should you select a liquid renovator:

Shake the bottle well and delicately rub the applicator against the leather surface. The content will get spread via the special foam applicator, while the brushes on both sides would allow for even coating.

Having treated your shoes using the liquid renovator allows them to dry. This would take about 20 minutes.

For a maximum effect, use again the suede and nubuck brush or sponge. By “ruffling” the suede or nubuck leather you will achieve the fresh new look of your shoes!

Now your perfect suede or nubuck shoes will impress!

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