THE SECRET The secret of success

The secret of success of Casablanca lies within the special attitude and care of every one of us about our shoes, while the maintenance and replenishing subtleties have turned the brand into a well-established expert with a huge following all over the world.

THE STORY BEHIND Unique Style and Emotions

Unique style and emotions lie at the core of the brand, taking us back to Casablanca city, whose astonishing, exotic location has attracted, over the centuries, people from around the world and gradually became a center of traditional friendship and love, romance and adventure.
The CASABLANCA products have been designed and made in the spirit of this tradition, charged with tremendous passion.

THE TRADITION The Brand - a melting point of traditional and modern value

What keeps us going is our motto “Keep the Tradition”. It is a proof of the fact that the Brand is a melting point of traditional and modern values. We are convinced, that nowadays it is as worth taking a moment to take care of our shoes, as it was years ago, since shoes have become an intrinsic element of ourselves and our vision. Shoes are the first small detail to make a big difference and impression on those around us.
We know and we believe that all those who have ever made use of any of our CASABLANCA products has given a start of a beautiful and long-lasting friendship!

THE SUCCESS Ever-lasting strive to perfection

The high quality products we have been offering on the market in over 20 countries are the result of modern production combined with carrying out extensive research work in our laboratory. Our main objective is to keep the impetus in improving the existing products and develop new ones, offering effective solutions and proven results.
The production process fully conforms to the requirements of international standards. The quality management and control on our products is in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard.