Perfect shine tips and tricks

Specially for shiny-shoes lovers, the experts of Casablanca recommend the products falling into the wax category - classical wax and self-polishing wax. The products have been intended for smooth leather only.

Classical wax is specially intended for people, who love taking time in providing good care to their shoes. This is a traditional product, loved by generations for its proven perfect qualities. To use the classical waxes you will need a couple of accessories - a woolen cloth and a natural horse-hair brush.

Apply the wax using the woolen cloth or a small brush - apply a small quantity on the cloth and rub it into the shoes with delicate movements. Following that, allow the shoes to dry and polish them using the brush. Polishing requires brusque long movements of your hand to and fro along the shoe surface, while the natural horse-hair would not scratch the leather while polishing it. If you do not have a natural horse-hair brush handy, use a clean, dry woolen cloth.


Self-shining wax is new generation product, combining the qualities of traditional waxes and a number of cutting-edge improvements -it does not contain strong solvents, unlike the classical products. It takes only several minutes to apply, not requiring additional polishing accessories and tools.

Apply the product using the special applicator. Apply a small quantity of the self-polishing wax on the applicator and spread along the shoe surface with delicate movements of the hand. Provided you have applied a larger quantity of the product, you can always rinse the foam applicator, the wax is water soluble. If you have applied a larger quantity on your shoes, wipe using a moistened cloth and repeat the procedure again. 

The effect of the self-shining wax is stunning - you will have your shoes shining in just of couple of minutes. If you wish to polish your shoes further, you can use a natural horse-hair brush or a woolen cloth.